About Us

The Company

At Toledo Homes, we continue to set new standards in urban development. The company is guided by a vision to create the highest quality in the market, and has earned a solid reputation as a leading builder of unique properties of superior value. We strive to create buildings that are as beautiful as they are innovative, comfortable, and well constructed. In an ever-changing market, the unique character and uncompromising quality of our projects ensures constant demand.

At Toledo Homes, we take great pride in every aspect of construction. Our unique devotion to architectural detailing and quality does not just make us different from other builders; we believe it makes us better.

As one of Pasadena’s leading developers, our greatest reward comes from the recognition we receive from our homeowners and tenants. Our in-house team maintains strict quality control over everything we build, ensuring the highest standards of construction and design. Our projects feature top brand products, and are backed by a sense of pride in our work and by an unceasing drive to innovate and improve. We are proud that our success and rock-solid reputation are a direct result of our investment in quality.

Mike Balian’s ( founder of Toledo Homes) passion is to create and execute projects with finely detailed craftsmanship. Over the years, he has assembled a diverse and talented team with backgrounds in construction, architecture, marketing, design, law and management. Mike aspires to raise the bar for Pasadena’s development standards by continuing to construct striking homes with timeless architecture. He has built his reputation on an uncompromising dedication to detail and constant innovation. Mike’s rigor at Toledo Homes provides owners with exceptional residences designed for longevity. He is driven to provide the highest standard of living, to enhance the environment, to build splendid buildings and to serve the community of Pasadena.