Architectural Stone

The cast stone production division of  Toledo Homes, Inc., Toledo Architectural Stone has been producing custom residential, simple or lavish architectural elements and designs for more than 10 years.

Our fine custom cast stone products are designed both in Contemporary and Old European styles.

Our goal is to provide high quality cast stone products to our customers and ensure their satisfaction.

At Toledo Architectural Stone, we manufacture originally crafted high-quality precast stones that provide the look, feel and durability of natural stone; with the added advantages of lighter weight, lower cost and customizability in design. We produce precast stones in nearly any texture, color and pattern desired. Your imagination is our inspiration. You imagine it; we will set it in precast stone.

Why Build With Precast?

Precast is solid or glass-fiber reinforced concrete and offers the following advantages.

-Customizable; color, texture and pattern.
-Look, feel and durability of natural stone
-Replaceable, reusable and recyclable
-Energy-efficient due to excellent thermal and acoustical properties

What Designs Do We Offer?

We can create precast products in any design and color. In addition, you may choose from our wide selection.

-Door and Window Surrounds
-Moldings and Trim
-Pier Caps and Piers
-Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds
-Veneer Panels
-Tiles and Pavers
-Corbels and Keystones
-Fountain and Pool Copings


For more information on our Architectural Stone services please contact:

Gor Grishian
Architectural Stone Coordinator